My name is Heather.  I’m a married mom of two boys and I love history and cooking.  I’ve always been interested in food history, even when I was a kid eating warm gingerbread at Colonial Williamsburg and seeing food being cooked over a hearth fire.  My mom always had Foxfire books around, so I got to read about historical methods of cooking and baking.  When I started researching my family’s history and genealogy, I found out we have ancestors from England, Germany, Holland, France and Scotland.  Of course, this made me want to learn about the food cultures of those countries too.

My first “real” job when I was in high school was in a local gourmet bakery, and I loved it.  Since I became a mom, I’ve discovered a renewed interest in cooking and baking, and I want to share with my sons some of my favorite recipes, both contemporary and those from the pages of history.  I’ll be blogging about food and history and where they intersect, from the traditions of Virginia cooking to cooking culture around the world.  I hope you’ll enjoy following my blog!

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