My Contest and Sweepstakes Hobby – Part 2

If you’re following my blog, you know that I’ve walked you through the first step in starting up your contest and sweepstakes hobby in a previous blog post: creating a separate email address and determining how to organize your inbox. Doing this will allow you to filter the many email messages you’ll receive from companies as you enter online contests and sweepstakes. Using a multi-featured email account, like Gmail, will enable you to sort your inbox so that you won’t miss an important winning email.

Now that you have a brand new email address ready to use for entering contests, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your browser’s form filler, or download form filling software. Google Chrome, my browser of choice, has built-in form-filling capabilities. I’ve also used Roboform to autofill online forms. The quicker you’re able to enter numerous online contests and sweepstakes, the more of them you’ll be able to enter, and winning online contests and sweepstakes is really just a numbers game. The more you enter, the more likely you are to win now and then. I typically enter more than 500 online contest and sweepstakes each week – I’ll spend an hour here or there entering online while I drink my coffee and watch a YouTube video or Netflix show.

I have a few methods for finding online contests and sweepstakes to enter. The first is pretty straightforward: I visit websites that aggregate sweepstakes and entry links. One of my favorites is I’ve been a member there for many years and can vouch for the legitimacy and quality of the sweepstakes they post. A premium membership is the best way to find out about the latest contests and sweepstakes, and $30 for a full year’s premium membership is a small price to pay to find the cream of the crop of sweepstakes. Sweepstakes Advantage and Sweepstakes Plus are two other great sweepstakes aggregators. is another great source for online sweepstakes. The main two forums I frequent are /r/giveaways and /r/sweepstakes. I’ll typically do a sort by “new” to make sure I get the most updated listings.

Once you’ve been entering online contests and sweepstakes for a while, you’ll begin to receive tons of email messages letting you know about even more sweepstakes to enter. I have a separate folder in my Gmail account for sweepstakes, and I file emails announcing new contests or sweepstakes into that folder so I can enter them later at one time.

Now that you know how to enter sweepstakes quickly (form-filling functionality or software) and where to find new contests and sweepstakes to enter, you can test your luck online. Next time, learn about entering contests and sweepstakes via social media and how to recognize contests and sweepstakes that might be scams.



Three Magazines I’m Reading This Spring

Having the hard work of fixing a house up to sell behind us and having completed our move into our new home, I finally have a few minutes to relax and unwind. Lately I’ve discovered a couple of new favorite magazines, and re-discovered an old favorite:

I admit to a *slight* obsession with Fixer Upper on HGTV. Honestly, it wasn’t until Joanna Gaines brought her vision of rustic industrial furnishings to the masses that I realized that the home decor style I’d always loved was a “thing” now. This just so happened to coincide with the decision my husband and I made to buy a new home, and loading more than half of our stuff into a POD to stage our house so we could sell it really made me realize how much more simply and intentionally we wanted to live in our new home. A subscription to Magnolia Journal is only $20 a year for four issues.


Kismet led me to discover Faerie Magazine when I came across a Tumblr post recently listing a number of interesting magazines to check out. It’s right up my alley, filled with articles on warriors and goddesses, an interview with Rasputina, information on gemstones and myths and recipes of golden apples. The magazine is published quarterly, and back issues are available on the website.


Each time I travel to the mountains, whether it’s for work or for fun, I always pick up a copy of Edible Blue Ridge magazine. Of all the local versions of Edible magazine I’ve come across, the Blue Ridge one is the best. It’s always chock full of information on local food and beverage producers, and covers regional restaurants, food events and more. You can get your subscription delivered to your home, or you can pick it up at one of the many outlets throughout the region where it’s free to grab.

Edible Blue Ridge Cover - Spring 2017

What are your favorite magazines? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll pick one lucky winner by May 15 to win a yearlong subscription to The Magnolia Journal.